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CABLE PREP - Super CPT Tool - Dual 6/59 & 7/11 - SCPT-6591

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CABLE PREP -  Super CPT Tool - Dual 6/59 & 7/11 - SCPT-6591


Cable Prep's Super CPT tool is ideal for anyone working with RG6/59 or RG7/11 cables. The tool is designed to remove the cable jacket, cut the braid and dielectric, and expose the center conductor on large and small diameter braided and braid replacement cables, all in one smooth operation. Plus, the new insertion feature provides the leverage needed to push connectors onto cables, even bulky quad-shield cables!


  • NEW insertion feature provides leverage to push connector onto cable
  • Includes 6/59 and 7/11 cartridges
  • An integrated insertion feature
  • A wide body to support large cables
  • Two slots for different sized cartridges
  • An ergonomic, efficient design
  • Factory calibrated strip back dimensions
  • Quick-release mechanism
  • Hardened tool-steel blades
  • Patented clean-out feature

  • Specifications:
  • Strips 50 and 75-ohm cables
  • Strips AP/AQ cables
  • Also strips TXFF and smaller, RG-6, -59, -7, and -11 cables